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Lunar Gala 2024 — LIMINAL

Annual student-run fashion show returns

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Peter Kerwin
University Communications & Marketing

Carnegie Mellon University's annual Lunar Gala(opens in new window), a student-run fashion show which began in 1996, returned March 30 in CMU's Weigand Gym. This year's theme was LIMINAL, "a place where boundaries blur, the space between spaces." Featuring 15 fashion lines(opens in new window) created by CMU students, the show highlights artistry in design, modeling, production and dance performance.

This year's producers were Anita Cheng, a senior studying information systems(opens in new window) and human-computer interaction(opens in new window), and Ella Sanfilippo, a sophomore studying electrical and computer engineering(opens in new window).

Originally inspired(opens in new window) by the Taiwanese Student Association’s Lunar New Year tradition of wearing new clothes, it has evolved to become a unique platform to display innovative and avant garde fashion.

Lunar Gala dancers on stage.

Lunar gala model wearing red and white dress with shoulder accents

Model wearing yellow satin shorts and long-sleeved jacket with a dramatic black hat.

Male model wearing red embroidered crop top with chains and sunglasses.

Two models wearing dresses of pink satin and fluffy white tulle whisper theatrically onstage.

Model wearing orange knit top and distressed white knit hoop skirt.

Model wears white skirt and crop top with twisted metal wire accents along her body, arms and head.

Lunar Gala dancers wearing sparkly silver jackets.

Model wearing voluminous periwinkle dress with sparkly brown layered fabric.

Male model wearing voluminous gray pants with a black cropped jacked and wide yellow belt and accents.

Model wearing black top and silk red pleated garment with curved wire accents.

Two designers smile onstage with flowers.

Designer smiles and kneels onstage as she receives flowers.

Three models wearing sleek black ensembles and sunglasses walk the runway.

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