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Podcasts at CMU

Explore stories from across Carnegie Mellon University, where our experts lead us through a diverse set of topics — from deep dives in artificial intelligence to the blurred intersections of the arts and technology.

Current CMU Podcasts

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Where What If Becomes What’s Next

Where What If Becomes What’s Next is a Carnegie Mellon University podcast exploring the future of AI through discussions with experts across various fields. Host Jeanine Herbst guides listeners beyond headlines, focusing on AI's ethical and inclusive application and its impact from science to policy, introducing insights from leading AI experts.

Ongoing - Weekly starting Feb. 15

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SEI Podcast Series

The SEI Podcast Series from Carnegie Mellon University's Software Engineering Institute covers a wide range of topics including software engineering, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence engineering and future technologies. It presents discussions that are relevant to industry professionals, researchers and anyone interested in the field, offering insights and expertise related to these areas​​.


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The AMT Lab at CMU offers podcasts and interviews focusing on the fusion of art, technology and management. These discussions cover topics like live-coding for visual arts, integrating coding into performances and the impact of AI on artistic practices, highlighting technology's evolving role in creative fields​​.

Ongoing - Weekly starting Nov. 2014 

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Past CMU Podcasts

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Scotty Stories

Scotty Stories is a podcast by Carnegie Mellon University's Career and Professional Development Center where Kristin Staunton interviews alumni about their career journeys post-CMU, showcasing the impact of their university experiences on their professional paths. It offers insights for current students on the diverse opportunities after graduation and advice on maximizing their time at CMU and transitioning into their careers.

31 episodes | Dec 2020–Oct 2023

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Cut Pathways

The Cut Pathways Podcast by CMU Libraries' Oral History Program showcases diverse higher education experiences, focusing on themes like culture, equality, technological innovation and arts. Each season explores different topics, including the avant-garde arts in Pittsburgh and the history of computer science at CMU​​.

Three seasons, 19 episodes | Jun. 2021–Mar. 2023

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Design in Transition

The Design in Transition/Diseño en Transición Podcast is a bilingual series from CMU's School of Design, discussing sustainable and equitable design for systemic change. It features dialogues in Spanish and English with experts across various fields, addressing global societal challenges through design practice​​.

2 seasons, 28 episodes | Aug 2020–Mar 2023

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The Consequential Podcast from Carnegie Mellon University's Heinz College delves into public policy, its impact and its potential to foster a better future. The podcast covers a wide range of topical issues, offering insights into how policy decisions can shape societal and technological advances​​.

5 seasons, 35 episodes | Oct 2019–Feb 2023

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VOICES From The Intelligent Future

The VOICES From The Intelligent Future podcast by the Tepper School of Business at CMU features alumni sharing their experiences during and after their time at Tepper. It focuses on how the school's data-informed, emotionally intelligent approach to business education has empowered them to shape the future of their industries through successful ventures​​.

Limited series, 8 episodes | 2023

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Tepper Reads

Tepper Reads is a community reading podcast for MBA students at Carnegie Mellon University's Tepper School of Business. It aims to foster empathy, critical thinking, self-awareness and community among graduate students through collective reading experiences each semester​​.

25 episodes | Dec 2019–Nov 2022

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Humans of Tepper

The Humans of Tepper Podcast is a student-led initiative from Carnegie Mellon University's Tepper School of Business. It features conversations with students, alumni and faculty about their experiences at the intersection of business, technology, and analytics. The podcast offers insights into life at one of the nation's top MBA programs through personal stories and experiences​​.

3 seasons, 25 episodes | Feb 2021–Oct 2022

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