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Media Contacts

The following media relations officers work on a beat system, with each person specializing in the interests, issues and research of a college, school or university division. Feel free to contact the appropriate media relations or news services representative with any inquiries, questions or concerns you might have. All media inquiries originating through the CMU Experts Database are also monitored by our media relations team to ensure a prompt response.

General Inquiries

Tel: 412-268-2900  
@email(opens in new window) 

CMU Experts Database  

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Central Media Relations

portrait of Peter Kerwin

Peter Kerwin

Director of Media Relations

@email, 412-268-1151 (office)

portrait of Cassia Crogan

Cassia Crogan

Senior Media Relations Specialist

@email, 412-268-2900 (office)


Carnegie Mellon faculty are some of the world's leading experts in the fine arts, brain and behavior, cybersecurity, engineering, robotics, social and physical sciences, policy and sustainability. Give your story credibility with a CMU expert.

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Stock Photography and B-roll

Download stock images in CMU's Flickr gallery(opens in new window). Identify all images as "© Carnegie Mellon University. All rights reserved." Contact Media Relations at 412-268-2900 to request b-roll or additional photos.

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